Nsawam Adoagyiri



            Location and Size

Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality is located approximately 23km from Accra, the national capital. It is situated in the South Eastern part of the Eastern Region between latitude 5.45’N and 5.58’N and longitude 0.07’W and 0.27’W and covers a land area of about 175 square kilometre.


In terms of spatial interaction, it is boarded to the North by Suhum Municipal Assembly, to the south by Ga West Municipal Assembly, to the west by West Akim District, and to the East by Akuapem South District


The proximity of the Municipality to Accra and Tema is a potential for development.

For instance, the Accra–Tema conurbation provides the single largest market in the country and provides ready market for farm produce and industrial products from the Municipality.  Thus, the Municipality, for instance, can focus on market gardening in agricultural development.


The Municipal capital, Nsawam is a gap town along the main highway linking the coastal lands to the Northern part of the country that is the Accra–Kumasi Road.

This provides opportunities for commercial activities in the town, particularly the marketing of bread and pastries.

            Demographic Characteristics

The Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality is estimated to have a population of about 86,000 (2010 Population and Housing Census Report). The population density of the Municipality is 465 persons per sq km.  Population growth is estimated at 1.6% per annum which is lower than that of the country at 2.7% but slightly higher than the regional population growth rate of 1.4% per annum.

             Population Size and Distribution

The population composition by age and sex influences fertility, mortality, migration and other demographic processes that underline population growth and ultimately socio-economic development. This section discusses the population in the Municipality by age, sex and locality. Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality has a population of 86,000, comprising 42,733 (49.7%) males and 43,267 (50.3%) females. Urban population constitutes 50,864 (59.1%) whilst rural is 35,136 (40.9%). The Municipality is densely populated with a density of 465 persons per square kilometres.


          Ethnicity and Religion

The Municipality is predominated by Akuapems who constitute about 63% of the population.  Ewes constitute about 9%, Ga-Adangbes make up 7%, and other Akans other than Akuapems constitute 17%.  The remaining 4% are from other tribes, including Northern and other tribes.  The dominance of the Akans has created a social cohesiveness, which is ideal for community development.


            Human Settlement Pattern

Nsawam being the Municipal Capital has the largest population of 32,531.  It is the only first order of settlement with facilities like a hospital, banks, pipe borne water, electricity, and post and telecommunication services.