Kwahu West




The Kwahu West Municipal Assembly (KWMA) has a land area of about 414 square kilometers and is bounded to the north by Asante Akim South District; South by Atiwa;  West by Birim North and East by Kwahu South District.  This capital is Nkawkaw.  The Assembly was created in 2004.

Mission statement

‘’The KWMA exists to improve the quality of life of the people through effective mobilization and development of human resources, provision of social services and the creation of an enabling environment for accelerated and sustainable development’.

Structural Composition

The Assembly was established in 2004 by L.I. 176.  It is the highest political and administrative authority in the Municipality.  It is made up to 36 Assembly members out of which 25 are elected and the remaining 11 are appointed by government.  Also 32 are males while 4 are females.  They form the highest decision making body of the Assembly.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of chairpersons of the Seven (7) statutory Sub – Committees as follows:

Finance and administration, justice and security,  Works, Social Services, Development Planning and Public Relations and complaints Sub-Committees with the Municipal Chief Executive as the Chairman.


Sub – Committees

The Assembly has in place all the six statutory sub- committees which are composed of Assembly members ranging between 5 and 7.  Each committee is headed by a chairman.  These sub- committees are as follows:

Finance and Administration

Justice and security


Social services

Development planning

Public Relations and complaints

Other Committees

Apart from the statutory sub – committees, the under listed committees have been established in the Assembly for effective and efficient implementation of polices, programmes and projects to help fast – track the objectives and goals of the Assembly.

These include:

  • Municipal Tender Committee
  • Procurement Committee
  • Municipal Security Committee
  • Municipal Tender Review Committee
  • Statutory Planning Committee
  • Market Committee
  • Municipal AIDs Committee
  • Municipal Response Initiative on HIV/AIDS
  • Municipal Water and Sanitation Committee
  • Audit Report Implementation Committee
  • Education Sub- Committee

Some of these committees are ad-hoc, constituted to deal with a situation at hand while some are standing.

Functions of the Municipal Assembly

The functions are basically derived from the statutes as mandated by the Local Government Act 462 of the 1992 constitution and a Legislative Instrument 1956 of 2004, which established the Assembly.  They are aimed at achieving its mission of improving the living conditions of its people.  They include:

  • Be responsible for the general development of the Assembly by ensuring the timely presentation and submission of budgets and development plans of the relevant central government agencies through the Regional Co-ordinating Council.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of security, public safety and law and order in the Assembly collaboration with the relevant security agencies.
  • Promote and support productive activities and social development in the Municipality and remove any obstacle to its initiative.
  • To ensure success and promotion of justice in the Assembly.
  • Initiate programmes for the development, improvement of human settlement and the environment.
  • Initiate, sponsor, or carry out such studies as may be necessary for the discharge of any of the functions conferred on it by Act 642 or any other enactment and also.

Perform such other functions are may be provided under any other enactment





Department of Social Welfare

Department of Community Department

Ghana Health Service

Food and Agriculture

Ghana Education Service

Town and Country Planning Department

Department of Urban Roads

Department of Parks and Gardens

Public Works Department and

Department of Births and Deaths

Ghana Library Board


Land Valuation Board

Commission on Human Rights and Administration justice


Ghana Police Service

Internal Revenue Service

VAT Service

Judicial Service

All these agencies, departments and services are operating with the Municipality.